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Stay away from these scammers

Stay away from these scammers. After you pay for A-list premium account, the next day they will shadowban your account for no reason. They are scammers and they will never respond to your inquiries.

wrimamorpaples2 - February 8, 2021
Worst dating website ever

Worst dating website ever. Just cancelled my subscription ahead of expiring date.Too many scams with fake profiles. Be alert!

skrodzkenut - February 8, 2021
Not worth the money or time

Not worth the money or time

abrakdaverv2 - February 8, 2021
This is highly unprofessional

This is highly unprofessional and shady.. I recommend you look elsewhere for a dating app or website.

maremonteuc - February 7, 2021
Don’t Use this website

You can quickly lose control of your identity on this site. Be very careful!!

yankz19939ws - February 7, 2021
Fake accounts

Fake accounts, bots and scammer who tried to have you follow their link. This website is crooks.

bahnrisslc - February 6, 2021
Be very careful

Be very careful. Wait!! Best tip I have for this site. Don’t use it.

tappenrp - February 6, 2021
Total waste of time and effort

Total waste of time and effort. They do not use your stated preferences in sending recommendations and their customer service response clearly states that their system is not set up to honor any defin…. More

odsustavaok - February 5, 2021
Total ripoff!

Total ripoff!

xoutlawxm5 - February 5, 2021
Worst dating site ever

Worst dating site ever. Expensive, no local profiles. No one is ever online. Haven’t been able to talk to anyone in almost a month now.

gorljivemy1 - February 4, 2021

This is not a dating site its a hook up site! Awful!

solhanta42 - February 4, 2021
Don't do it!!

This site is a total scam to get your money. Don’t do it!!

fatalracer21c9 - February 3, 2021