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I love

I love It has such a long history. More than 10 years! Amazing. It proves, they do have a good reputation!

chrasticed0 - May 15, 2020 helped me meet helped me meet and date a lot of good women. Lots of first and only dates but a few were longer and then finally I met the person to give love another shot. Good experience all around.

vopeo - May 14, 2020 makes online meeting safer

I’ve tried other sites and met a lot of scammers. makes online meeting safer by having many different forms of verification. I only spoke with members who verified at least one way. I’ve…. More

vederatl5 - May 13, 2020 actually surprised me

I have been on a few other dating sites and actually surprised me. I found someone I am very compatible in the second month of my three month subscription. She is perfect for me and we h…. More

arnolf0q - May 12, 2020
I wish everyone success

I wish everyone success in their dating – have fun, stay safe and try not to feel too blue if things don’t work out immediately. When it is meant to be, it will just happen

evac9zh - May 11, 2020
Easy to use

Easy to use and suited my personal circumstances at that time. The effort in responding to the questions, and completing the profile, is so worthwhile

poccagmanodofx1 - May 11, 2020
I'm really happy

While the site has a pretty hefty monthly fee if you don’t sign up for several months at once, it was able to put me in touch with significantly more women than I thought it would. I just got a 1 mont…. More

rocchina9 - May 11, 2020
Great site

Great site with mostly genuine people. The way they match you saves a lot of time wasting and really gives both sides a chance of meeting someone they really want to engage with.

hakdirun3b - May 10, 2020
Amolatina is great site

Amolatina is great site ,not alot of real Christians that actually go to church on a weekly basis and pursue God’s word on a daily basis but if you are patient you will find the right one

yezindunarv - May 10, 2020
Brilliant website

Brilliant website – far better than other dating sites

herbolencn - May 9, 2020
Amolatina is a great way

Amolatina is a great way to find and meet people that are looking for a relationship in your area. If it worked for me living in a very remote rural area it can definitely work for anyone.

diperbuat1b - May 9, 2020
I have always enjoyed using Amolatina

I have always enjoyed using Amolatina but what you pay for the subscription is not fair. You only get a few options with it. Other than that I did finally meet a real woman of value . Actually a true …. More

lordrayen1hj - May 8, 2020