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Dil Mil
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Dil Mil
I don't recommend this site.

Good luck, but I don’t recommend this site.

skeytta43 - July 4, 2021

If you are seriously looking for someone to “Run Forest Run” from this dating site! All the negative things I’ve written before are true; mystery how the government has not closed this page? Do I comp…. More

chervatinra - July 3, 2021

Profiles that did not fall within the parameters I had set were constantly sent. That is, they sent older and younger profiles of my age group; profiles that have lived longer than the distance parame…. More

ejercite3l - July 2, 2021
Don't use them

Don’t use them – you can’t trust them

prelijepu0z - July 1, 2021
Don't waste time

Don’t waste time looking for a real connection here with a selfless person.

darinaso - June 30, 2021
I highly recommend you to save.

I highly recommend you to save.

mitteltoreh - June 29, 2021


digresie0x - June 28, 2021
The site is awful

The site is awful. If someone likes you and they don’t have an account, you’ll get a message from them. That’s how they get the commitment. You will then find that the message is generating a CPU. Whe…. More

gafrhs - June 27, 2021
It has fake profiles

Like many other sites, it has fake profiles. DON’T give them money. You can also turn on your money. You will never get value on this site. Complete detachment.

e2l1i2rocu - June 26, 2021
I don't like this site

I don’t like this site very much either.

wahlvolka8 - June 25, 2021
Waste of time and money

What a waste of time and money.

flyfishr4 - June 24, 2021

Complexity alone is useless and you simply don’t waste your money for nothing.

jackyisgoodng - June 23, 2021