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This girl scammed me: Alina
Profiles show she lives in Volnyansk and Zaporozhye

Websites: (ID: 1567127)
Google search “AlinaSpas Dating” to get the big picture.

This girl convinced me to visit her in Ukraine, once we met she told me she was very serious about me and so did the marriage agency manager. I sent her money for the English lesson, however when I asked her to tell me the name of the college both she and the agency ignored my emails.

I have contacted and explained to the above websites about her but they told me they are not interested? This tells me everything, what a fool I was.


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  1. I just want to add to some of the comments made about AD scams, I’ve been on this site for over a year now, I was corresponding with a certain woman on this site she was very beautiful indeed she kept sending me dozens of photos of her, to open each photo it cost me 15 credits which was very expensive, then I started to realise something strange was going on here, so I txt her back to say I was coming over to visit her suddenly I get this reply back from her saying she had to go out to the country to visit her aunty who was very sick and didn’t know when she’ll be back, the alarm bells started ringing inside me, then I knew something here was wrong, later I found to my amasment she was on another date site but under a different name and also found out later she was working for an agency in Ukraine. These women are hired to go out and scam as many men as possible,so I do believe AD is a scam, they say that the women are thoroughly checked before they sign up on AD. I’m sorry to say this site is all B/S, I wouldn’t spend another cent on this site.

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