Investigation About AnastasiaDate

Posted On : June 15, 2018

Investigation About AnastasiaDate

I used to be really determined to marry a lady from this site, but fortunately, having read some opinions about this site I carried out an experiment which convinced me that it is a total scam by Within a year I established six accounts with approximately the same age. But a different background from a high school to a Ph.D. From a single through divorced from a widower, from zero to three children. All my conclusions concerns only women who took interests in my profiles and they are below:

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Women are Cheaters and Scammers: AnastasiaDate

I only hope that my investigation can help some native men who are under the charm of Ukrainian and Russian women to be more careful with this site.

I do not reckon that all of the women are cheaters and scammers. During a year I came across over 200 profiles of my admirers, that have been removed from the site. The ladies may have found their knight on a white horse. Or may have given up because of the lack of offers. May have been forced to resign because their scam was revealed.

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