List of 20 things about Anastasia (Now

Where to begin with this site

[1] Most expensive chat service around that one can be overcharged more than what one is normally charged for
[2] Scammers have been found there asking for money
[3] Ladies have been known to commit marriage fraud
[4] Ethnically backward and will not change its advertisements to include all ethnicities (like African men, Asian or Indian or Hispanic men)-only one ethnicity focused with its advertisements
[5] Rude customer service at times scams,

[6] Prostitutes found on the site
[7] Expensive tours where one can meet disinterested ladies and waste one’s time and money-ladies may not even show up to meet you
[8] Abuses the IMBRA Act where it prevents obtaining contact information from a lady but if one cannot pass this through Anastasia’s letters or chat system then should it not be forbidden to pass it through their phone system?
[9] Expensive phone system-Over 50 bucks for five minutes but let’s say one only talks for three minutes you still have to pay for the full five minutes although one did not use it-If you go over the five minutes you get overcharged!
[10] Ladies may not even appear as they are in their photos

Online Dating Fraud and Scam: 

[11] Profiles can have the same lady but with the same name but with different ages and heights
[12] A lady’s profile can have a lady’s name changed for eg one thinks one is talking to Anna when in fact one is talking to Anna but later on the name on the profile changes to Elena by the site!
[13] A lady can be on several other dating sites talking to other men unknown to the man she is talking to on AnastasiaDate-Unfair to the man who is paying his money
[14] Accusations that ladies are not completely writing their letters but the translators are the ones writing the letters so it is not coming directly from the lady herself
[15] Ladies being on for a long period of time and not finding anyone-Why? scams,
[16] Bombards one with many letters for the purpose of paying money to open and send letters. More letters one opens and sends the more money is made-Only a money-making site. That’s why they send hundreds upon hundreds of letters to you-more opened-more money made!
[17] Improvements to the site are like a waste of time e.g. games like tic-tac-toe and pool. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to play tic-tac-toe as if that is the best game to find
[18] No refunds on letters for if a lady rejects you on the site
[19] Ladies have been known to be golddiggers found on the site
[20] Also girls may be on the site but also have boyfriends as well unknown to customers


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