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Posted On : February 11, 2019

Simple dating games online or online Simulation dating game is a fun way to meet people online.  Simple dating games online is a virtual chat community where you can meet new friends and talk with old acquaintances. It is a virtual gaming background that highlights online dating. There are different Simple dating games online by that you can access over the net. Some are for free. Others require a fee. Sony provides one of these Simple dating games online. In Sony’s Simple dating games online you can choose which way you want to go like hang out in the lobby or enter a game and test your skills. One challenge to overcome is answering correctly a series of questions for the contestants. The goal in these Simple dating games online is to have fun and see how fast you can think on your feet.

Avatar Selection

You should choose a symbol to speak to yourself inside the diversion. The latest choice of the avatar will apply in Simple dating games online. 

Handle Selection

Next, you must create a nickname or “handle” for your Simple dating games online by person Names could be up to 15 characters. 

Room Selection

Choose whichever room appeals to you most and click on the room name to enter the game selection page. 

Game Selection

This is your first real step into the Simple dating games online community and from here you can chat with other players, join a game in progress, or even start a new game. 

Watching a Game – Dating Games

If a game has at least two players then you may join as a spectator. Spectators can interact with the Contestants and Chooser but cannot be awarded points and are not included in the answer phase. If you wish to join as a Spectator, click on the “Watch this game” button.


This Simple dating games online by accommodates 2-4 players. The Chooser sits on the far left side and up to 3 Contestants can sit to the right. The Chooser asks ten questions using the “Ask a Question” button and awards the Contestant that best answers each question with a Heart point. The Contestant that accumulates the most points at the end of the ten questions wins. 


For more fun, the following buttons in these Simple dating games online are available:

  1. Ask a question- Popup a menu of suggested questions to pose to the contestants

  2. Award a Heart Point to a Contestant-This button allows a Chooser to reward a Contestant for a clever answer.

  3. Pause-This button allows you to take a break without interrupting the flow of a question-and-answer round.

  4. Speaker on/off-This allows you to toggle sound effects on/off

  5. Boot-This allows you to eject unwanted players from the game.

  6. Exit Button-This button allows you to leave the game and return to the game selection screen.


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