Beyond the first date, when things start to get serious and you’ve met for drinks, dinner, movies, and all the usual love date ideas, it’ll soon be time to think about new experiences you can share. . New experiences help you see your potential partner from a different perspective and ultimately bring you closer together. They also create great memories later in the relationship!

Did you make a connection with one of our Washington love singles? Our list of love date ideas to help you bond is the perfect starting point. Take a look at our 6 favorite date ideas and start getting to know each other better…

Canoes at Burke Lake Park.

The first of our love date ideas combines all the good stuff; great views, nature, exercise, and most importantly togetherness. We recommend canoe rentals, which you can do for a half day, or a full day if you want to enjoy the water to the fullest (and have good upper body strength!). Lake Burke itself is a stunning 218-acre body of water, home to a beautiful shoreline that’s perfect for a romantic stroll once you’re done canoeing, wildlife and plenty of wildlife. Get to know each other better with a day trip here. Shared exercise is also very important: they don’t say that couples who ‘sweat together, stay together’ for nothing!

Eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl. – Date Idea

Despite being a love institution that’s been around since the 1950s, and despite counting President Obama among its patrons, Ben’s Chili Bowl doesn’t make many lists of “romantic things to do in love.” It’s a huge shame, because not only is Ben home to great places to eat, but the restaurant is a really brilliant place to date. Ok, the food is messy. But if they’re getting messy, who cares? Head to the original restaurant on U Street for the most authentic experience and revel in the company of other couples who have discovered that the most important ingredient in a dinner date is not fancy tablecloths, but simply good company! flirtwith


Everyone is a critic at the National Gallery of Art.

The National Gallery of Art is the granddaddy of all art museums, making it an ideal choice for a cultural date. The fun side of going to the National Gallery is just that everyone here gets to be critical; Whether you love art or hate it, you can join it! Just don’t be too dismissive if your date loves a particular piece that she doesn’t… But you’ll find everything from Da Vinci and Raphael to Matisse and Van Gogh; There are important works on display here, and with such an impressive collection, you’re sure to find something to suit both of you. Plus, because it’s free to visit, you can spend as long as you like here: take your date on a hop-on, hop-off tour of Whistler, or stop by all the Degas. Do you see what we did there?

Get a new view of love at this special rooftop bar.

We’ll assume you already met your date for a drink, but did you meet them in POV? If not, it’s a shared experience worth having. Simply stunning views across the city to the Washington Monument are sure to make an impression (they don’t call it POV for nothing!) and the bar provides a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy a cocktail or three. Modern and stylish, the rooftop bar is located on the 11th floor of the W Washington love Hotel at 15th St NW and F St NW, a stone’s throw from the White House.

Hike (or climb) the Billy Goat Trail.

Of all the ways to reconnect with nature near love, this is our favorite. The Billy Goat Trail is perfect because while it’s not hard enough to be off-putting, it’s challenging enough for them to join. Okay, kids can do it, but you’ll need a sturdy pair of shoes. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with beautiful views and lookouts, and if that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is! Only a half hour drive out of town, well worth the trip.

Go wild at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

The last of our love Date Ideas is great if all else fails because, well, who doesn’t love the zoo? It gets a bit forgotten, but the National Zoo doubles as a dating spot that will help you bond because a shared love of animals is a sure sign of compatibility. It’s also nice to marvel at all the wonderful work that the zoo’s conservationists do. And whether you adore elephants, prefer pandas, or even like mole rats (someone must be, right?), you’re sure to find your spirit animal at the National Zoo. flirtwith.com

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