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DateMyAge.com is an Online Dating platform that caters to mature singles looking for meaningful relationships. The site offers a range of features. That allow users to create profiles. Browse potential matches, and communicate with other members to build meaningful connections.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of DateMyAge.com. And how it has become a popular online dating platform for mature singles worldwide.

How DateMyAge.com Works

DateMyAge.com offers a straightforward sign-up process. That requires users to create a profile with basic information about themselves. Such as their name, age, and location. Users can also add photos and other information to make. Their profile more engaging and attractive to potential matches.

DateMyAge.com is an online dating platform designed for single people over. The age of 45 who are looking for romantic relationships or friendships. Here’s how it works:

Create a profile:

To get started, you need to create a profile on the DateMyAge com website. This involves providing basic information about yourself. Such as your name, age, location, and interests, as well as a profile picture.

Search for matches: Once your profile is set up, you can start browsing other users’ profiles to find potential matches. You can use the search function to filter users by age, location, interests, and other criteria.

Connect with other users: If you find someone you’re interested in, you can send them a message or initiate a chat. DateMyAge.com also offers a video chat feature. Which allows you to communicate face-to-face with other users.

Upgrade your membership: While DateMyAge.com is free to use, there are certain premium features. That are only available to paid members. These include the ability to send virtual gifts. See who has viewed your profile, and access advanced search options.

Meet in person: Once you’ve established a connection with someone on DateMyAge.com. You may want to consider meeting up in person. While the platform is designed to facilitate online communication. Many users have successfully transitioned to real-life Relationships.

Once a profile is created, users can browse the site’s database of potential matches and use. The site’s search filters to find compatible partners based on factors such as age. Location, and common interests. Users can also send messages and chat with other members to get to know them better.


The Benefits of Using DateMyAge.com

One of the biggest benefits of using DateMyAge.com is its focus on connecting mature singles. Who are looking for meaningful relationships. The site offers a range of communication tools, including chat rooms and video calls. That make it easy to connect with other members and build relationships based on shared interests and values.

DateMyAge.com is a dating website designed for individuals over. The age of 45 who are seeking to connect with other mature singles. Here are some of the benefits of using DateMyAge.com:

A large community of singles:  DateMyAge.com has a large and diverse user base, making it easier for you to find compatible matches.

Advanced search options: The website offers advanced search options. That allow you to filter potential matches based on various criteria such as location, age, interests, and more.

Easy to use: The website has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Mobile app:  DateMyAge.com has a mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Allowing you to stay connected with potential matches on the go.

Safety and security: The website has a strict verification process to ensure. That all profiles are genuine, and your personal information is kept safe and secure.

Premium features: DateMyAge.com offers premium features such as messaging, video calls, and virtual gifts, allowing you to take your communication with potential matches to the next level.

Additionally, the site offers a range of security features that ensure users can communicate safely and securely with other members. These features include identity verification and the ability to block or report members who engage in inappropriate behavior.

Success Stories

DateMyAge.com has helped many mature singles find love and build meaningful relationships. The site features numerous success stories on its website, highlighting how the platform has helped users find their perfect match and build connections with others from around the world.

These success stories illustrate how DateMyAge.com has become an important tool for mature singles looking to find love and companionship online.


DateMyAge.com is an excellent online dating platform for mature singles looking to build meaningful relationships. With its range of features, focus on communication and security, and success stories from satisfied users, DateMyAge.com has become a trusted destination for those looking to find love and companionship online. So why not give it a try and see if DateMyAge.com can help you find your perfect match?




Can I enjoy dating online for free joining this dating site?

Yes you can, provided that you are supported by paid members.

Do I need to provide my real information on this dating site?

However, you may hide your real information, but it is advised that you should provide your real information in order to grab better reach.

Which is the best option – free or paid membership?

Of course, paid membership is a great option as it leads you for unveiling premium dating features.

Can I find singles of my choice for dating online?

Yes, datemyage dating site is devoted to singles. Whether you are looking for men or women for dating online, you can easily find out plenty of singles on the internet.

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Hopeless app

Hopeless app. Account deleted for no good reasons. Request for help fell on deaf ears. Each attempt to create a new account – I am a genuine guy, not a pervert or scammer – was also blocked and deleted within a few hours.

I want my money back

I went to this site in hopes of finding love, what a joke. I think they are just collecting money. When I say no to a profile that same profile continues to pop up. I want my money back it’s a joke.

Don't use them

This Site Doesn’t Honor Your 1st Amendment Rights. They wouldn’t post my (very clean) photos or even let others see my profile. But they kept my account open. When I asked they said they had a reason why I couldn’t be seen by other due to “security” but they wouldn’t tell me why. They are anti-American and anti-1st Amendment. Don’t use them–you can’t trust them.

Everyone be extremely careful

Everyone be extremely careful. I was scammed for $45000.00. I’m now having to pay that back to my bank. Most every man I spoke to had an accent as from overseas. They are very smart and can get your head all messed up. You want to video chat. You want a photo ID. Something to hold on to so you can report them. Make sure you have their personal info so you can give it to the police. Just be careful.

Disgusting and probably a total scam

If there was a negative number that’s what I would rate this site. I called the customer service number and they hung up on me twice. Once I was told that I had called the wrong number( false) and once the man who answered asked me why I wanted to cancel because” I sounded so beautiful “… disgusting and probably a total scam

Terrible site

Terrible site. Did the freebie for a couple day’s constantly got emails there was a new match or people viewing my profile. Go to site can’t see anything but buy premium. Wrote get a generic letter back. So out of curiosity I took the bait. What a waste of my 130.00. Very disappointed and can truly see why the rating is 1Star. They send matches to one commonality. Not matches. They also don’t give a percentage on match and then say 100 or 200 miles and they move it to 400+. Not worth the money.

They take your money

If there is even the smallest smudge on your past record – no matter how long ago – the site will alert anyone you message and warn them against you… without you knowing what is going on. They take your money and then make it impossible to make any connections.

No customer service

No customer service, bogus charges, be aware of providing your bank details

Guys stay away

Guys stay away from these scammers. After you purchase their premium pack, they will ban you for no reason a day later. They are scammers and you will never get a response to your inquiries. Most of the profiles are fake

This site needs to be sued

This site needs to be sued! I used service for 2weeks and cancelled. Now they have turned me into to collection after 6 months to extort a 1 year membership fee. No cooling off period, matches don’t match or live in my area. This dating site is old and changed their personality match test. (example of questions…which ink blob do you like better?! None of my matches matched! this site told me to lower my expectations. I guess I should not expect to meet someone in the same state, or someone I have anything in common with.

They didn't get back

I joined this site and initially had no issues. If you like a girl and they like you it’s a Match and the girl has to make the first move. Sounds sensible! The problem is you run out of people rather quickly so of course you delete your payment details so they won’t renew….. until they renew and take another payment. I’ve repeatedly written to their “customer service” only to be told by an automated message that their bees are very busy and will get back to me. They didn’t get back to me, closed my query and still haven’t replied to the subsequent query. I’m waiting a month now for a reply.

They are money robbing

They are money robbing new investors sabotaging the site with there high number of members just to try and get super rich …no one users it..it’s pretty much dead now and the price of coins triples every time I download app lol it use to be free with ads … it was great in early years ..new investors/owners ruined it

The site is awful

The site is awful. If someone likes you and they don’t have an account, you’ll get a message from them. That’s how they get the commitment. You will then find that the message is generating a CPU. When you contact that person, you either don’t answer or say they haven’t contacted you.

They are a bloody scam

They are a bloody scam. When you don’t subscribe or just having a browse this site will send you many messages so have no choice but to subscribe to see the messages, if you subscribe for a month, you do not get any messages. As soon as your subscription is over again messages start to come in. Tested this site 1 month subscription on and 1 off. “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY PLEASE”.

I would recommend

Of all the dating websites, Members were the most down to earth and were willing to make an effort to connect and meet people. Other websites had a lot of scammers. I would recommend this website to others.

That is perfect

I met someone once on here turned out wasnt what i wanted in him and but now met someone that is perfect

It is just ripping people off

It is just ripping people off at this point and really should be shut down.

Do not join

Save your money and time. Do not join under any circumstances. Something needs to be done.

Fake accounts

Fake accounts, bots and scammer who tried to have you follow their link. This website is crooks.

Meet creeps

This is just a dating site to meet creeps, that only care about sex not love. This Website took away alot of features, they took away the best one. profile trackers..you can’t see who is checking out your profile no more.

Datemyage allowed me to engage

Datemyage allowed me to engage single women based on the characteristics I found important. I have been found by a woman on this site who shares my values and love for God.

Datemyage.com became my hobby

Datemyage.com became my hobby at my leisure. I just come home and talk to lovely ladies. They keep me alive and I encourage everyone – let a little romance come into your life.

Datemyage.com has it all

As for me I always pay much attention to usability and security of any dating service. Datemyage.com has it all, highly recommend.

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