5 Ways to Strength Your Relationship in Your Daily Routine!

Everyday Strength Your Relationship have  many challenges , caused by problems related to emotional inaccessibility, difficulties in “everyday life” or due to “routine”. The latter is one of the main problems reported by couples during coaching sessions.

If you want to start making changes to your relationship, I have  5 very specific attitudes, behaviors and habits for you that, if practiced daily, will help you nurture your relationship. YourLatinMates.com This is a good introduction to being more mindful of yourself.

The list was created on the basis of 25 years of coaching and therapeutic work with couples (Relationship Coaching Institute in California).

How to Strength Your Relationship in Your Daily Routine? – 5 Proven Ways

1. I promise to love you every day

Love is a choice. We can choose to remember her every day. What is this principle about? On the basis of which we assume that:

“Although I can be busy and have my moods, I know you deserve my attention every day. I choose our relationship even when I am upset or frustrated. I know that loving another person means being fully present ,  telling your truth ,  being honest with your feelings, desires and needs,  so that you can fully know who I am today, especially as sometimes your views change over time. Even on days when I’m tired, I spend at least 1 minute to appreciate that you are ”.

2. I promise you and our relationship will be 1st

The prevailing thoughts in this attitude are:

“I remember every day that you are a very important person in my life and I  undertake not to take you or our relationship for granted . While work, home, finances, family, friends, hobbies and other stresses, distractions can make it difficult and I will experience a “conflict of Strength Your Relationship interest” at times, I commit myself to always think about what she might be before making YourLatinMates any decision. it will affect us as a couple and our family. “

5 Ways to Strength Your Relationship in Your Daily Routine!

3. I promise to take responsibility – Strength Your Relationship

This attitude is related to the recognition that:

“I understand that my effects are 100% dependent on my own choices and actions, and that  my thoughts and feelings are mine and that I am solely Strength Your Relationship responsible for them . I know that my desire to be happy depends on my ability to allow myself, sometimes to open myself up to being happy ”.

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4. Promises to say yes

This is a challenge for many, but the gist of this attitude is this:

“I know you  deserve my positive attitude, even when I don’t feel like it.  I promise that if I am not able to 100% fulfill your wish or request, I will respond positively and will work with you to find a creative way to meet your needs. Even if it is difficult  , I will always try to respect your needs , even if I do not understand them! ”.

5. I promise to support you

The last rule is that:

“I promise that as you have your career challenges and goals in life,  I will support you , even if I don’t understand it sometimes.”

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