When I First Started on AnastasiaDate.com

When I first started on AnastasiaDate.com I was amazed. So many beautiful women are all interested in talking to me. I had read reviews about online dating. That it was fake and set up but I decided to try it for myself to see.

I started purchasing credits so I could reply to some of the many emails. I was receiving and so I could use the chat feature.

This is where the first alarm was raised. I was chatting with a young woman. And the conversation began along the lines of her saying something like. “Hello, I saw your profile and you look just like the man I want to marry, please talk to me”. After 10 minutes or so she had said many things about how keen she was to meet up and she is so excited to meet a man from Australia. I had to end the chat due to a friend coming over to say hi. He told her and she said she will be back online at a certain time and she will wait for me.

I left my browser open and about 15 minutes later my friend left and I went back to my computer. After about 5 minutes another chat box popped up from the same woman with the EXACT same introduction message.

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Massive Waste of Time: First Started on AnastasiaDate.com

I still had many credits remaining so decided to continue using the service to use those remaining credits. I responded to several emails and the replies. He received from the women. Were almost identical. (like they were quickly written by the same person perhaps). I decided to change my profile by deleting my pics and all the info about me. Simply writing “please do not write to me. I believe this site is fake and do not wish to use it”. Oddly enough it has been two weeks. Since I made the change. And in that time I have received numerous emails from women stating they “love the look of my pictures” and “we’re very interested in my profile”. REALLY?? Why are you writing to me? If you really read my profile and why do you find the fact I think it is fake interesting?

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The final straw came when a letter came to me from a 22-year-old woman from Mykolaiv. Whoever wrote the letter to me clearly had no idea as the letter stated that she was a “19-year-old student”. I can understand a typo but to get your age wrong by 3 years is pretty bad to me. This site clearly reeks of deception and lies. I am not even going to bother writing to the actual company and complaining. As this only alerts them to procedures. They are doing wrong and help them to ensure they do not happen in the future.

Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this site. It is a massive waste of time and an even bigger waste of money.

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