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Lovinga.com is an online dating platform that aims to connect singles looking for meaningful relationships. The platform offers a range of features that allow users to create profiles, browse potential matches, and communicate with other members to build meaningful connections.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Lovinga com and how it has become a popular online dating platform for singles worldwide.

How Lovinga.com Works

Lovinga com offers a simple sign-up process that requires users to create a profile with basic information about themselves, such as their name, age, and location. Users can also add photos and other information to make their profile more engaging and attractive to potential matches.

Once a profile is created, users can browse the site’s database of potential matches and use the site’s search filters to find compatible partners based on factors such as age, location, and common interests. Users can also send messages and chat with other members to get to know them better.

Lovinga.com Review

The Benefits of Using Lovinga.com

One of the biggest benefits of using Lovinga.com is its focus on building meaningful relationships. The site offers a range of communication tools, including chat rooms and video calls, that make it easy to connect with other members and build relationships based on shared interests and values.

Lovinga.com is an online dating platform that aims to connect singles worldwide. The website offers various features to its users to help them find their perfect match. Some of the benefits of using Lovinga.com include:

User-friendly interface: The website has a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Advanced search filters: Lovinga.com offers advanced search filters that allow users to search for potential matches based on their location, age, interests, and other criteria.

Secure and safe: The website uses advanced security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile-friendly: Lovinga.com is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to access the platform on-the-go.

Large user base: With a large and diverse user base, users have a better chance of finding a compatible match on Lovinga.com.

Affordable pricing: The platform offers affordable pricing plans, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Variety of communication options: Users can communicate with potential matches through various means, including chat, video calls, and email.

Overall, Lovinga.com provides a reliable and effective way for singles to connect and find love online.

Additionally, the site offers a range of security features that ensure users can communicate safely and securely with other members. These features include identity verification and the ability to block or report members who engage in inappropriate behavior.

Success Stories

Lovinga.com has helped many singles find love and build meaningful Relationships. The site features numerous success stories on its website, highlighting how the platform has helped users find their perfect match and build connections with others from around the world.

These success stories illustrate how Lovinga.com has become an important tool for singles looking to find love and companionship online.


Lovinga.com is a dating site that offers a range of features to help individuals find their perfect match. The site is user-friendly, and the registration process is straightforward. Users can interact with potential matches through different communication channels such as chat, video calls, and email.

While there are no specific success stories available for Lovinga.com, there are some positive reviews online that suggest that some users have had good experiences with the site. Overall, Lovinga.com appears to be a legitimate dating site that offers a range of features to help people find love online.

However, as with any online dating site, it’s important to exercise caution and use common sense when interacting with others online. It’s always a good idea to take things slowly and get to know someone well before sharing personal information or meeting in person.




Can I find single women for dating online?

Lovinga is the best platform for finding women for dating whether singles or married.

Do I need to pay for registering on lovinga.com?

No, initially you don’t need to pay anything for becoming a part of this dating platform.

Can I hide my contact details like email address and phone number from fellow members?

Yes, you can certainly hide your details according to your requirements.

Who can join this dating platform?

Anyone who want to find friends online.

Is it a hookup platform online?

No, it’s not a hookup site. Instead, it’s a dating platform for contemporary men and women.

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Cancelled my subscription

Cancelled my subscription, tried to contact to complain as still taking my money, £2.99 a day and its coming out even though I have no use of my account, not replying to any messages on the chat or messaging service and no direct number to get hold of any one, absolute scam

Don't lie to people

This site advertises itself as a free dating website. You can then make upgrades with to see more features. This is false advertising. You can do absolutely nothing but make a profile for free. If you are going to make a pay only service then make it a pay only service. Don’t lie to people to get their information.

Not the type of dating site for me

Not the type of dating site for me. The one person I was interested in wasn’t even on this site. No one came close to what I was looking for. I signed up for one month and they kept me on and charged me for another month. Scam like service to me when they do that. They just go ahead and take your money without your consent if you do not unsubscribe. That’s where they get you!!!!

The site is unattractive

The site is unattractive and not very intuitive. The men I found interesting never answered or could not commit to a phone meeting. I think that a lot of the profiles are fake. Don’t waste your money. I have had more luck and more dates on free sites.

I can't even get into my account to cancel

I can’t even get into my account to cancel! I tried contacting them via phone, email, and fax and nobody responds.

So not worth the money

I’ve been on this site for about five months now. With few exceptions, all of the “men” I’ve met on this platform have misrepresented themselves. Most ask me to leave the platform so we can communicate by email/text. Many say that they’re reaching out on behalf of a friend, boss, etc. I’ve not had any dialogue to speak of and no in-person meetings. So not worth the money.

It is very expensive

This site markets itself as a site for professionals. While there are some professionals, many were not. The default search is for 500 miles. You have to manually change this every time you search unless you want matches across the country! You also had to change the age preferences every time you searched. My biggest gripe with this site is the high number of scammers/phishers who create a fake profile and try to get your contact info. This happened to me almost weekly in the two months I was on the site. I would receive an email from the site telling me they were “investigating ” a person who had been in contact with me. This never happened on the other site I tried. Finally, it is very expensive and I found it not to be worth the money for the reasons set forth above. There are definitely better options out there.

Stay away from them

This company is like a leech, they will never let go of you, despite requests it is impossible and they will not respect your privacy, Stay away from them.

Annoyed me

What annoyed me was when I wanted to delete my account all of a sudden my password was no longer correct.. and my attempt to reset/ change met with tech issues.

Avoid at any cost

Cancelled account, continues to charge, have not logged in for over 12 months, can not log in or even reset password to confirm the account is cancelled, then that sell of the debt to a collect house. Avoid at any cost.

Horrendous account

Horrendous account 1lst 1 I have paid for, no responses on the 1s you match with either web bate or a site that doesn’t know how to behave in a professional manner!!!!

It is a SCAM

The website is useless. Didn’t meet anyone, got some messages from women 15+ years older than me. It is a SCAM also, because I removed my debit card from their system, I deleted the automatic payment and I clicked delete subscribtion button AND they stole from my card 50 euro! I contacted their support, and they keep lying even while I show EVIDENCE. Bottom line, avoid this site, because they aren’t good as a dating website and they also steal your money after you leave them.

I don't like this site

I don’t like this site very much either.

Please do not sign up

Please do not sign up. You will not find love on this site as the men that they try to match you up with are all old and ugly. My account was closed as soon as I signed up after realising that I made a mistake, and they are forcing me to pay for a 24 month service that I will not be using. Their terms and conditions are very unclear and can easily misled you.

It doesn't work out

I’m glad I have it a shot, even if it doesn’t work out.

Everything was good on this website

Everything was good on this website until end of my selected one month only subscription. Forced me to renew even though ONLY signed up for ONE month option. Why would there be an option for ONE MONTH ONLY if zoisk is going to auto renew regardless what you select?!? REALLY?!?

Dreadful website

Dreadful website

Completely fake app

Completely fake app. It shows you lots of girls / guys interested so you sign up. But they’re mostly fake created to make you believe it’s worth signing up.

Worst dating site ever

Worst dating site ever. Expensive, no local profiles. No one is ever online. Haven’t been able to talk to anyone in almost a month now.

Bad experience

Without a doubt this must be the most pathetic, I’ll designed, poorly managed site I have ever come across. A complete waste of money and time. Please save yourselves the bad experience.

Lovinga.com is one of them

I used two websites for my dating research. Lovinga.com is one of them. I spend a lot of time on the platform and i also got some nice dates.

Lovinga.com has made it possible

Lovinga.com has made it possible for me to reach out to and find the love of my life despite leading a boring life and having really nowhere to meet people where I live. They really try hard to help you succeed. I never believed this was really possible. If Lovinga.com can work for me, it can work for anybody!

I want to say thanks a lot to Lovinga!

I want to say thanks a lot to Lovinga! It’s the best place to meet many beautiful and intelligent girls 🙂

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