Choice of Romantic Dating Places for You and Him’s Special Day

Romantic Date Places Who says Dating has to be far away? But if you go on a date to the same place, you’ll be bored. Come on, invite your partner to a unique date place below!

Pamper your girlfriend by enjoying the beautiful scenery and the roar of the waves. Segarra Beach Ancol can be used as an option for your next date. Enjoy a delicious meal for two, lit by DilMil candles while chatting. For more privacy, reserve a tent seat located near the shoreline. Imagine the fun of accompanying each other in Segarra as the sun sets on the horizon. So romantic, huh!

Romantic and educational dates aren’t always boring. Make the date even more special while watching planetary constellations or observing historical exhibitions with him. Imagine the excitement of being alone while enjoying the beautiful scenery of outer space or exploring history, the world feels like belonging to the two of you. Try taking your girlfriend to the TIM Planetarium, art galleries or history museums and similar dating places.

Choice of Romantic Dating Places for You and Him's Special Day

Beachside Romance – Romantic Dating Places

After facing the concrete jungle of Jakarta which is full of pollution, it’s a good idea to switch to a more cool and beautiful place such as the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park. Natural parks are perfect for dating destinations with tall shady trees and trails that are perfect for the two of you to explore DilMil while holding hands and having fun. Backgrounds full of waters and other natural beauties are also really cool for your Instagram page.

Recreational parks such as Dufan or TMII should not be left behind on your list of places to date. Enjoy the beauty of the archipelago simply by coming to a tourist attraction in your city. At TMII, explore the beauty of the bird park, or feel the fun of riding the adrenaline-pumping rides at Dufan and explore your childish side by playing bumper cars with him. Apart from bringing laughter and nostalgia, your date with him will be unforgettable!

For Toppers who prefer a city setting with all its noise, the public parks scattered around the city are also worth visiting. Try taking your partner on a date to Taman Suropati. Here, Jakarta’s various music communities like to gather and perform. You can sit on the grass talking to each other at dusk and listen to live music. Dating here is also just free alias, you know!

Believe it or not, many of us have never explored the city of Jakarta. By joining the City Tour Bus tour, you and your partner can enjoy the sights of one Jakarta without having to transfer Busway here and there! It’s even more fun to sit in the upper compartment of the bus, your Instagram Story that day will definitely be very lively!

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Well, after reading the 7 inspirational romantic date spots above, no more monotonous dates for you and your partner! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends too, OK?

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