Rating of Speed Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

Just two or three decades ago, Rating of Speed Dating Sites the seriousness of a relationship with a non-resident partner was measured by years of correspondence and the weight of carefully preserved postal envelopes. Today, such a path to family happiness seems to be an atavism. LetmeDate Thanks to dating sites, a relationship can go into the status of “preparing for a wedding” in a couple of weeks. Even the registration of your chosen one in the Greenlandic will not become an obstacle. The main thing is that you fit each other.

How to Choose a Dating Service – Rating of Speed Dating Sites

Online dating is fun and easy. However, remember that virtual communication is associated with certain risks. For example, a chic macho (hot beauty) in a photo may turn out to be a pimply squishy (unsympathetic fat woman with glasses). Or the interlocutor, after a long correspondence, suddenly does not come to the long-awaited meeting in real life. And these are flowers. A scammer or a swindler may be hiding behind trustworthy intentions. Does this mean that online dating should be abandoned? No. You just need to get ready.

Rating of Speed Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

To protect yourself from intruders as much as possible, it is enough to follow a few rules:

  • never disclose any financial or personal information (passport or bank card details);
  • be careful with various links – they can be malicious, even if your counterpart sent them (besides, no one is safe from page hacking);
  • set up a first date with an online acquaintance in a crowded place, tell your loved ones where you are going, and keep your phone close at hand;

do not hesitate to report your suspicions to the technical LetmeDate.Com support service or site administration (if spam or offensive messages appear).

So, armed with security tips, start choosing a dating service. What to be guided by?

Determine the target audience for the service. Does it match your wishes? If you are looking for a person in the “35+” category, you should not apply for a site with a predominant audience – up to 30 years old.

See how many profiles are on the resource and how actively new ones appear. However, an overabundance of users is not always good. The questionnaire can get lost among millions of others.

Read reviews. They can be found on the site loverating.ru . Find out about:

  • what is the general atmosphere on the site;
  • whether investments are require;
  • is there a lot of spam and fake accounts;

are there any stories of real serious relationships after meeting on the resource, etc.

The most popular Dating Sites: and they lived happily ever after

Our rating is different from those that you can find on the Internet. We did not evaluate services by their share in the online dating market (here, by the way, the undisputed leader is Mamba). They did not take as a guideline the search engines or sonorous names. The number of users was not taken into account (it is not known how many of the 50 million profiles are “buried” and how many are “hunted” for pleasure). Our rating is largely subjective. But on the other hand, it is based on reviews of real people (friend, neighbor, colleague, childhood friend …) and real stories with a happy ending. From the fairy tale where “they lived happily ever after.”

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Link you: every flight attendant gets a pilot husband!

The resource focuses on finding a soul mate by profession and common interests. Perspective approach. Surely, everyone has a couple of stories about office romances in stock. And for good reason. According to a Head Hunter study, 41% of employees have had at least one relationship at work. Moreover, every fifth story ended in marriage. So the storyline of “Office Romance” has a serious statistical base!

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