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Investigation About AnastasiaDate. I used to be really determined to marry a lady from this site, but fortunately, having read some opinions about this site I carried out an experiment which convinced me that it is a total scam by Within a year I established six accounts with approximately the same age. But a different background from a high school to a Ph.D. From a single through divorced from a widower, from zero to three children. All my conclusions concerns only women who took interest in my profiles and they are below:

  • I received letters from almost the same set of thousand women or so. I am looking for an educated person. Who likes traveling a lot writes a lady to a widower, mechanic with high school education, and three children.
  • All the letters from the same lady were the same, apart from the greetings: Dear (and the proper name) No personal relation, no comments on your character, experience or background. Funny, but I didn’t place any photos and she writes:: I like your eyes. It is obvious that local agencies send the same copies of letters on behalf of the ladies according to the rule: the more suckers the more money.

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  • Many of these women appeared to be married, which I checked on the site and,or Believe me, I know Russian and especially is a good source of information.

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  • Many of these women have children, although you can learn from their profiles that they are childless. (the sources as above).
  • Many of them are in love and have boyfriends which are visible in their photos. (the source as above).
  • The ID of the woman indicates how long she is on the site. The lowest number the longest time e.g. numbers from 1080000 show-five years. 1740000 are the newest. I do not believe that a girl who looks like a million dollars with an ID number. About 1080000 has not been able to find a proper man for five or more years. It is obvious that she works as a bait who attracts enchanted men willing to pay several dollars for every minute of chat or call, and for every picture or video to see.
  • I am a far-sighted man and luckily I have not spent a dollar on a silly conversation started by a 19-year old girl like this Are you in a good mood today?, but knowing the opinions about this site I am sure that I would not be talking to just that girl. Even if it was her, it is impossible that such a young girl could have anything in common with a 40 or 50-year-old man except the money he will pay for the conversation.

Women are Cheaters and Scammers: AnastasiaDate

  • Only about 50% of women could have been checked by me by means of their profiles on the social sites, so you can imagine that choosing a lady from this site is like a walk on thin ice or a minefield. You will never know when you became a victim.

I only hope that my Investigation About AnastasiaDate can help some native men who are under the charm of Ukrainian and Russian women to be more careful with this site.

I do not reckon that all of the women are cheaters and scammers. During a year I came across over 200 profiles of my admirers, that have been removed from the site. The ladies may have found their knight on a white horse. Or may have given up because of the lack of offers. May have been forced to resign because their scam was revealed.

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